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Richard Jackson, Co-Founder and CEO

     Richard Jackson

Executive Summary
CEO, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Consultant with more than 25 years of experience in Manufacturing, Service Industries, Health Care and Government using the power of data to drive effective business solutions, improve performance and create transformational and innovative change within organizations.

Innovation, Research & Development:

Big Data Applications, Product, Channel and Process Development

  • Developed first patient tracking system to reduce wait times for NHS (UK)

  • Developed sales management process application & digital dashboard for medical device company (US)

  • Developed new sales structure for broader channel development (US)

  • Transformed sales team approach to client management (US)

  • Developed feedback loop for fleet management for utility vendor (International)

  • Developed management resource tools for operational improvement in Technology Based Service Organization (US)

  • Developed health care metric model to incorporate preventative health care culture into continuous improvement processes (US)

  • Developed database model for chronic health care institution to improve feedback for vital signs and medical conditions – including recommendations to streamline existing data collection methods. (US)

  • Developed handheld (PDA) field collection application which increased collection reliability, efficiency and speed four fold. (US)

    Software/Platform as a Service (SaaS/PaaS) Development

  • Developed social media SaaS application integrating search criteria, process and output metrics for the entertainment industry
  • Developed operational management platform as a service (PaaS) for UVM (Utility Market) to improve resource allocation and increase reliability

Culture of Innovation & Funded Research Models

  • Preventative Health Care Model using looped feedback mechanism to improve quality of care (COMS, Cleveland Clinic, Summa Health Care)

  • Executive coaching and led transformational change for medical device company R&D department including addition of continuous improvement model

  • Manufacturing firm (trucking industry) restructured culture of innovation to support strategic intent and reduce high rate of attrition

  • Manufacturing firm (lamination industry) restructured executive team to include feedback methods, professional development and culture of innovation

  • Worked with Executive Team and Middle Management to redirect strategic innovation objectives and open new lines of revenue, new products and new channels for sales (Service Industry)


Developed startup companies in the following areas:

  • Consultancy (Business Management) – Global ThinkTank Institute, LLC (2006-present)

  • Utility Consultancy (Arboriculture) –Arbor Intelligence, LLC (2007-present)

  • Research & Development – I9, LLC

  • Medical Device Sales Agency Model – Global Voice

  • Game Development Company (UK) – Concept Games

  • Big Data Analysis & Consultancy Firm in Health Care (UK) - Magrathea Simulation Systems

  • Housing Development & Construction (UK)


Areas: Synaptic Node Metric Development, Strategic Planning, Transformational Change, Culture of Innovation, Business Performance, Systems of Customer Service, Role of the Supervisor, Information & Data Collection, Systemic Thinking & Systemic Change, Black Box Analysis, Knowledge Management & Tacit Knowledge, Mentoring, Business Metrics, Business Intelligence

Client List:

  • Union Power Cooperative (UPC)


  • Kings Medical

  • Duracote

  • Ravens

  • Gibraltar Industries

  • Prentke Romich Company

  • Prentke Romich International

  • Hattie Larlham

  • Ohio Award for Excellence

  • ACRT Inc.

  • American Electric Power (AEP)

  • Detroit Electric Service (DTE)

  • Texas Utilities (TXU)

  • First Energy (FE)

  • Florida Power & Light (FPL)

  • New York State Electric Group (NYSEG)

  • Maine Public Service (MPS)

  • Lake Region Electric Cooperative (LREC)

  • Delta Montrose Electric Cooperative (DMEC)

  • Coos Curry Electric Cooperative (CCEC)

  • Central Energy Service (CEC)

  • Pauling Putman Electric Cooperative (PPEC)

  • Seattle City Light (SCL)

  • Allegheny Power (AP)

  • Asplundh Tree Expert Company

  • National Health Care Service (UK)

Professional Employment

2006- Present Global ThinkTank Institute LLC, Founder and CEO

Created and Led Global Consultancy and Research Firm with team of US & UK Partners

Worked with companies including: Gibraltar Steel, Lockheed Martin, COMS Interactive, ARCT Inc., Asplundh, and Florida Power & Light

2007- Present Arbor Intelligence, LLC, Founder and CEO

Created and Led Utility Consultancy and Development firm working with Utility Vegetation Management critical issues and product development in the US and abroad

2004-2005 Kent State University Adjunct Faculty, Management & Information Systems

Taught at the undergraduate level for the Bachelor’s Business Administration degree program (AASCB) – see course taught list below

2004-2006 Kent State University Center for Executive Education & Development, Consultant

Developed and implemented training, workforce skill development, professional development, executive education, applied research and consultancy for firms for the College of Business/College of Continuing Studies – Center for Executive Education & Development

2003-2004 Aldine House, UK Specialist Teacher, UK: Special Needs

2000-2003 Base3 Software, UK – SAS Consultant, Software Development

1998-2000 St. Vincent FE College, UK – IT and Computing Lecturer

1997-1998 Concept Games, UK – Games Developer

1994-1997 Magrathea Simulation Systems, UK–Director of Health Systems

1992-1994 National Health Systems, UK – Information Technology Analyst


Sheffield University, UK Management School

Degree: Post Graduate Research Attended: 2004-2011

Thesis: “The Role of Metrics in the Systemic Intervention Process”

Sheffield Hallam University, UK Business & Management

Degree: M.Sc. SAS Business Intelligence Conferred: 2003

    Modules: Managing People & Teams, Data Management & Data Quality, Data Warehousing, Strategic Management, Information & Knowledge Dynamics in Organizations, Issues in Consultancy & Research, OLTP, Practice & Principles for Web Development, Applications Development, Business Intelligence Tools & Techniques, Delivering Business Intelligence.

    SAS Training: Enterprise Guide, System Essentials for Programmers, SAS CRM, SAS EPM, Programming Techniques, Advanced Programming with Efficiency Techniques, Macro Language, Warehouse Administrator, Building Applications using SAS/AF Software, Static and Dynamic Solutions using SAS/Intranet, SAS Enterprise Miner, Developing Java Based Applications.

Southampton University, UK

Degree: PGCE QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) Conferred: 2000

St. Vincent College, UK

Degree: Adult Education Delivery Certificate Conferred: 1999

Sheffield Hallam University, UK Business & Management

Degree: M.Sc. Operational Research Conferred: 1997

    Modules: Strategy Development, Problem Structuring, Principles of Modeling, Enabling Technologies, Simulation, Optimization, Quantitative Techniques, Forecasting Techniques, Total Quality Management, Models in Planning & Control, Statistical Methods.

Sheffield Hallam University, UK Business & Management

Degree: DIP. Systems Modeling Conferred: 1994

    Modules: Strategy Development, Problem Structuring, Principles of Enabling Technologies, Simulation, Optimization, Quantitative Techniques, Forecasting Techniques, Total Quality Management, Models in Planning & Control, Statistical Methods.

Research Interests

Innovation and Number, Metrics and Performance Measurement, Tacit Knowledge, Healthcare Quality and Metrics, Litigation Reduction in Healthcare (Medical Malpractice), Knowledge Management & Tacit Knowledge, Language Engineering and Social Presence, Virtual Learning and Reflexive thinking in Synchronous Learning Environments.


Acar, A., & Jackson, R., (2004) Basic Flaw in Forecasting Methods.

Foresight Conference Proceedings. University of Strathclyde, Scotland.


Jackson, R. (2007) Systems Thinking. Rotary Club, Akron, Ohio.

Acar, A., & Jackson, R., (2004) Basic Flaw in Forecasting Methods.

Foresight Conference. University of Strathclyde, Scotland. August 2004.

Jackson, R. (2003) Systems Modeling for Excellence, Ohio Award for Excellence

Annual Meeting. Columbus, Ohio.

Courses Taught

Kent State University

College of Business: Department of Management & Information Systems

M&IS 44285-007 Integrating Policy and Strategy

M&IS 44150-001 Total Quality Management

M&IS 44093-008 SAS Programming Fundamentals

M&IS 44093-006 Innovative Thinking

BAD 60093-006 Innovative Thinking

BAD 64042-010 Management of Information Systems

BAD 60093-010 SAS Fundamentals

Internships Facilitated:


  • BBA: Sales Management (Intern – University of Akron)


  • MBA: International Business and Human Resources: Feasibility Study for Expanding Business into Shanghai

    (Intern – Kent State)

  • BBA: International Business: Expand Professional Network in New Zealand, Australia and Europe 

    (Intern- University of Akron)

  • MBA and BBA: Marketing and Branding: Social Marketing and Branding Launch Campaign Start-up Social Utility Company 

    (1 MBA- Kent State University, 1 BBA – Kent State U, 2 BBA – University of Akron)


  • MBA: Finance and Systems Modeling: Development of Statistically Significant System Model for Housing Industry based upon Quality of Life – 

    (1 MBA Student – Kent State University)

  • Business Apprenticeship: Software Development (1 Undergrad)

  • MBA and BBA Internship: Management Science: Systems Thinking and Management Science 

    (1- BBA Ohio University, 1 BA Full Sail University, 2 MBA Kent State University)


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