Global ThinkTank Institute, LLC

Global ThinkTank Institute [GTTi] runs on the belief that innovation occurs when cognitive dissonance acts as a catalyst for the recombination of the building blocks of existing knowledge. 

As such, the solution of a business problem lies at the nexus of rationality and dialogue, but problem definition is limited by bounded rationality and open dialogue forms a subjective premise.

From past and current research, we have formed both a framework (systems approach) and an underlying premise; that data (specifically, the power of number) is the catalyst that defines dialogue in organizations,  resulting in shifting paradigms, fear-free change, transparent leadership, innovation and is the basis for iterative operational optimization.

Acting as an accelerator for innovation; GTTi's research models drive solutions, a consideration of new markets, the definition of new products and a more robust and cohesive organization.


GTTi Structure 

Global ThinkTank Institute [GTTi] is a research based consultancy and innovation accelerator that provides a bridge between research and organizations. From this bridge, GTTi has developed new intellectual property, new product lines, new applications of organizational tacit knowledge and timely innovations that have allowed lasting growth of its client companies.
Arbor Intelligence is a consultancy, service and application division focused on the utility market; spun out of client work and research into the Utility Vegetation Management Industry. It includes bespoke consultancy on system efficiency, system assessment for the Utility Vegetation Market and other solution specific services; as well as its Software as a Service Application, Arborcision.
Arborcision™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application designed to provide intelligence for the Utility Manager. It is sold as a collaborative effort with ACRT, Inc., a leader in the arboriculture market for more than 25 years.
Division: Pattern Intelligence [Pi] uses the power of meta data, big data and predictive analytic properties to determine how your organization can extract more profit and more efficiency both today and tomorrow.
Entrepreneurial Models is the development of new models of revenue for your organization, to move into new markets, new channels or new products/services based upon strategic intent and organizational resources.
Division: Executive Intelligence [Exi] brings the power of systems thinking, complex adaptive networks and pattern recognition of existing data sets to the professional development and growth of the executive team and managers of the organization, in a format, setting and style that will generate lasting improvement.
ThinkTanks [Tt] use facilitated tranformational change techniques to guide organizational evolution. This is especially useful for developing Organizational Cultures of Innovation.

GTTi on the Road

GTTi can be seen/heard and experienced at the following upcoming events: 

  • March 13-14, 2014       Florida Urban Forestry Council (FUFC), Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
  • Presentation:               The Power of Pattern Recognition
  • Speaker:     Richard Jackson, CEO
  • Exhibit:                         ACRT Inc and Arborcision
  • Sector:     Utility & Arboriculture