About Us

Who we are and what we do

Since 2006, Global ThinkTank Institute, LLC [GTTi™] has been working as an innovative accelerator in applied research, systems modeling, operational research and management sciences to develop responsive, market-ready solutions to the complex problems found in many industry sectors including manufacturing, utilities (utility vegetation management and utility vendors), education and health care (including behavioral health).  

The focus is on research for solutions, for innovation and for expansion into new markets and new channels of distribution.  The company houses three divisions:

  • Ai (Arbor Intelligence™) our Utility Division, with its product, Arborcision™ 
  • Pi (Pattern Intelligence™) our Business, Healthcare & Education Division, with its product, Entrepreneurial Models™ [Em]
  • Exi (Executive Intelligence™) our Executive Education and Professional Development division, with its product, ThinkTanks™ [Tt]

In addition, GTTi has provided bespoke consultancy in areas that include operational research, management training and executive education, data evaluation and analysis, systems modeling and strategic planning in manufacturing, service industries, not-for-profit, healthcare and education sectors.  We have developed new channels, new products and new solutions for its wide range of clients.