Mission & Vision

Mission:  The mission of Global ThinkTank Institute [GTTi] is to act as a "not only for profit organization", intent on adding to the revolutionary innovation and lasting development of collaborating companies and client organizations.  

Vision:  GTTi brings a systems approach to the complex adaptive issues of business through organizational transformation and disruptive innovation; building bridges to exchange the depth of academic rigor and the pace of business into mutually beneficial relationships.  

Purpose:  GTTi acts as a catalyst for organizations looking to expand, grow or redirect their strategy.  GTTi applies the structure of experimental design to the depth of operational research and the breadth of management science resulting in lasting improvement and evolutionary change in organizations.   

Framework:  GTTi is grounded in a systems approach, that applies bounded rationality and social constructionist principles to the work they do both in research and with client/collaborative organizations. 

Premise:  Data (the power of number) defines dialogue.  This leads to powerful discussions and shifting paradigms.  Only when organizations see this shift, strengthened by the validity of the data, can they open their culture to lasting change and revolutionary innovation.  

Founders:   The company was founded in 2006, centered on the research of Richard Jackson (CEO).  There were 4 original founders, 2 from the US and 2 from the UK.  

  • Richard Jackson, CEO
  • Cindy Welch (Jackson), Managing Director 
  • John Kawalek, Ph.D.
  • Charles DeWitt 

Today Richard and Cindy are partners in the firm, GTTi is still strongly linked with John Kawalek and the work he is doing at the University of Sheffield, and in his worldwide consultancy practice.