Welcome from CEO

Richard Jackson, Co-Founder and CEO

We are excited about new opportunities this year, ongoing research results and new collaborative partnerships. 2013 brought many of our research outcomes into the market.  

One of our most exciting launches was the rollout of Arborcision,™ our Software as a Service application for the utility vegetation management industry.  This has been developed by GTTi as a spinout of the work we have done for the past decade in the arboriculture and utility sectors, we have entered an exciting new collaboration with ACRT, Inc to lead the sales and marketing efforts for this product and the results have been truly exciting.  

We are proud of the expansion of new research efforts into improving operations for our collaborative organizations by reducing bureaucracy and improving processes in long term care facilities.  This is an area we have had a synergistic role in the past for aging populations and expanding that to now work with organizations focused on children's needs is truly rewarding.  

There are many research ideas that will be emerging in the early part of next calendar year including our work with Complex Adaptive Networks (CAN) and its coordinating analysis of Synaptic Node Analysis.  We believe this will fuel exciting new opportunities in complex algorithms that will have rapid application for our client organizations.  

Thank you for all you do to make GTTi and its divisions successful, we appreciate your ongoing support and engagement.